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About Us...Or Welcome to the Kraziness!

Who are we?? Well sit back grab a cold one and get ready for a story..We are three krazy folks coming up with designs some might call a little nuts and other call inspiration - that fits me to a tee..or sweatshirt.

Seriously though, or as serious as we can be....we are two krazy aunts and an insane nephew who run two embroidery and screen printing shops and love to create new and fun designs. We started doing embroidery and screen printing in 2007 and would put up some fun designs for friends and family to see....well the last one went a little insane -- it fit us to a tee....and took off with over 33,000 likes on Facebook..all in a we decided to merge our talents and create this site to share our Kraziness with others....afterall, we are so kind -- just don't ask us to share our wine - we are in rural Iowa and we need the wine to keep our sanity, don't we?

Whether you get a response from Katie, Judi or Brett, just know we are all a little krazy and have way too much fun. Check back often as we will be posting new designs as we get the pictures taken. Like us on Facebook...Krazy Aunt Katie's Designs. Not so sure about Twitter yet, but most likely we will like that little bird soon.